10 Major Sports Tournaments to Mark in Your Calendars for 2024

As the year 2024 is starting, sports fans across the globe are looking forward to marking their calendars with the best tournaments that are lined up throughout the year. The world of athletics is about to see some excellent leagues in different sports that fans can thoroughly enjoy. There are many sports events in different categories that are lined up in 2024.

But we can only show you the top 10 sports tournaments that you cannot miss at any cost. You can even bet on these sports on popular online sportsbooks like khelraja.com. If you are an enthusiast of sports, then the following list will definitely interest you and it will definitely delight you:

1. Australian Open

Australian Open
Source: atptour.com

The Australian Open is all set to open the doors of the best sports tournaments in the world in 2024. From mid-January onwards, this tennis tournament will grab the attention of most sports fans who are looking forward to the performance of some of the best sportsmen in the world today. The players will be competing against each other in Melbourne Park and work their way upwards to win the title. Many fans travel from different parts of the world to witness the best players in action.

2. World Aquatics Championships

The World Aquatics Championships or FINA World Tournament, will be played in Doha, Qatar. It is the best aquatics global tournament in which water sports are at their peak. You can find the best players in sports like swimming, high diving, water polo, and diving competing against each other to win the top player titles in each category.

3. World Athletics Indoor Championships

From March 1st to March 3rd, 2024, The World Athletics Indoor Championships will be played in Scotland. The tournament brings together athletes who compete against each other on indoor tracks and other field competitions. It is a global championship that is followed by players and fans across the world. It is only a 3-day championship, but several players work for years together to be able to participate in this tournament.

4. World Figure Skating Championships

Canada is all set to host the World Figure Skating Tournament from March 18 to 24. Since 1896, this competition has been one of the most awaited and loved ones for fans and players in different parts of the world. It is a dance competition featuring teams from different countries and projects the athleticism and grace of couples in varied forms. The icy arena is a treat to the eyes and brings forth some of the most beautiful performances.

5. ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

Cricket fans absolutely love the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. It is one of the most prestigious competitions in cricket and is among the most-watched tournaments for players and followers alike. It will be a vital source of entertainment for sports fans in June 2024.

The West Indies and the USA will be hosting the different tournament matches this year. It is the 9th edition of the championship, and the teams are working hard towards meeting the expectations of fans and reaching their potential. This is the most loved and prestigious international cricket tournament besides the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup.

6. UEFA European Football Championship

UEFA European Football Championship
Source: uefa.com

From June 14th to July 14th, another prestigious tournament is scheduled to take place in Germany this year. The UEFA European Football Championship is looked forward to by football players. It is the next best thing that has happened to football players after the FIFA World Cup.

It is a thrilling and exciting championship that is held every four years in Europe. It is definitely a fierce competition, and that is why several players are in love with it and look forward to flaunting their skills and abilities on the field. This is the 17th edition of the tournament, and it takes a month for the best team to reach the finals and lift the trophy.

7. Tour De France

Italy is set to host yet another annual Tour De France that is based on multiple-stage cycling. The idea of the tournament was initially to increase the awareness and sales of the French newspaper, but it has now become a loved cultural and sports event that ranks among the top 10 sports tournaments to be followed. In June, the competition will start and will last until July 21. The conclusion is seen through an individual time trial from Monaco to Nice.

8. Summer Olympics

Summer Olympics
Source: .villanova.edu

When you hear the word Olympics, it immediately becomes a tournament you cannot ignore. It is one of the most highly anticipated tournaments of 2024. It is scheduled to happen in France between July 26th and August 11th this year. The athletes’ achievements are flaunted and highlighted across the world. Some of the best athletes compete with each other to win medals and trophies in their respective fields. This tournament has practically all types of competitions, from archery to golf and basketball to races. There are a total of 32 sports competitions that are held in this.

9. Summer Paralympics

From August 8th to September 8th, France will also host the Summer Paralympics, which was specially designed for disabled athletes. France is the place to be if you want to see some of the top athletes and determined players on the field. From swimming to wheelchair basketball, competitions in varied categories are held between the best players in the world today. A total of 22 sports events are held in this tournament.

10. America’s Cup

Our list of the top 10 sports tournaments in 2024 ends with the America’s Cup, which will be held in Spain between September and October this year. It is definitely a very unique competition and an old one in the world of sports today.

America’s Cup showcases the most celebrated Yacht group and the sailing skills of individuals from different parts of the world. It is a thrill of action, and enthusiasts work hard to get the trophy of their dreams on the waves of their heaven on earth.

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